Managing water quality in shrimp and fish ponds.

Managing water quality in shrimp and fish ponds is a rather complex issue. This is because shrimp and fish farmers need to have knowledge and understanding of the various changes that occur in order to find ways to prevent and address problems that may affect the health and growth of shrimp and fish.

Rust is considered a significant problem because the reaction of iron rust from Fe+2 form, which is still unstable, requires another reaction with oxygen (O2) again to become Fe+3, which is stable. If the reaction occurs within the bloodstream of shrimp and fish, rust will compete for oxygen in the shrimp, causing them to experience hypoxia.

Therefore, to prevent this problem, it is advisable to use non-toxic substances that can trap iron rust in the water before it is absorbed into the gills and causes issues. An example of such a substance is zeolite. Sprinkling zeolite evenly throughout the pond area, focusing on areas where iron rust is evident, can significantly reduce the problem of iron rust.
The iron rust present in the pond
the iron rust that competes with oxygen inside the shrimp
the iron rust captured by zeolite before it disturbs the shrimp.

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